May 20, 2011
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Hi and thanks for reading this post and any help and advice you provide in advance.

I know that Everton do no start with any funds so i was wondering in your opinions who out of these 3 i can make a decent amount on and then bring in 3 or 4 more players to give me more options.

So should i sell



Fellaini will fetch around 20M mate, with that sort of cash (depending on what percentage you get as transfer money) you can easily improve your squad to a very good standard. I wouldn't suggest selling Baines as he is really good on this, although if he has a good first season his price will rise then is the time to sell.

Cash in on Fellaini.
Sell all 3, can get about 50-60 mill and get rid of about 100-150k wages, can buy all sorts of players with that :)
Thanks for your thoughts on this already guys. You think i should offer Fellaini then or wait for a bid to come in?
sell him, ive seen him go to spurs for 28 mill in first season
sell him for... 15mil upfront 15mil over 24months and 10pecent of profit
I Sold Felli (£30m) and Heitinga (£9m) in January to Chelsea and Shalke (I think) respectively. In second summer I sold Distin for £425k to Stoke and now using Duffy, who I have nearly always sold in first season, is doing a great job alongside Jags.

Unfortunately but predictably in the first year I didnt get much of the revenue to spend but it made massive dent in the clubs debt and I'm looking forward to a more stable and prosperous future in charge of the People's Club.

Oh and use Barkley sparingly in AMC role and he is a beast!