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Jul 8, 2013
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Big props to this download! English Level 9 Pyramid - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a challenge! This is my first story so any tips and help would be so appreciated! nice (H)

Very detailed story!

Having just/finally finished my university football coaching course my plans were to search for a coaching job in the local area, south west preferably, maybe working with youngsters, or even in a school, I just wanted to get going, and start coaching! ^^)

I was looking online, for jobs when my phone rang. After having a long conversation with the course director at my university it turns out the fans (who also run the club) of Runcorn Linnets had been closely following the students of this course, Runcorn is a small town up north based in Chesire. They have recently started looking for a longer term young manager, and they were impressed with my speech skills and my tactical prowess, a-long with my vast knowledge and love for the game. Playing in the North West Counties Football league taking this job will be a bigger step than I anticipated, but it has always been my dream to manager a football club, and have success. So packing up my things and leaving my parents house, I made the brutal trip up in my small car to meet the board.
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More to follow if people want it :p
Did anyone read this? Im not sure whether to carry on with it, if only 1 person follows it i will, not sure if anyone is ^^)
keep going love these kind of storys making a small club huge are you going to stay and make them big or if a big club come in for you are you going to take it ill follow
Hey thanks for your comment, im not sure whether i'll keep this club, or move if someone comes in, we'll have to wait and see i guess :p I'll write another 1 or 2 instalments today :)
When i arrived at the millbank linnets stadium, i was briskly given a tour of the facilities, safe to say i was underwhelmed, broken goals, rusty stadium which was half finished, the training pitch and match pitch being shared. But, everyone has to start somewhere i thought to myself, and after an intense 2 hour meeting i was given an unpaid amateur contract for the year, which would be safe as long as i finished in the top half of the league. What followed was a shock to me, i would be given no money, non whatsoever, safe to say i had a job on my hands.

First day as 'gaffer'

My first priority was the hold a team meeting, i was nothing short of traumatised when 2 postmen, a milkman, a teacher and 2 teenagers turned up, not even a whole team! Never the less i introduced my self and my assistant and i was widely well received. I knew i had to sign up some players and my first course of action was to create some hype in the local schools and area with an open trial day. With the help of my scouts this is what i did in the transfer window.

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If anyone has an players they would recommend, i would like that :)
I played on a bit, before deciding to start a story, so...i'll catch you up.

We signed alot of players to the club, and one in particular, manchester who is a CB who came to the open trial day and was a brick at the back, and is now in my starting line up!

Here are the results so far to catch you guys and girls up, from now on it will be updated a game at a time, and very detailed! View attachment 366746

From now on, i'll update a game at a time, and will be more detailed, but what a start from the linnets, im very impressed at my side. Although soon to come, an argument between two players arising?
6 games into the season and we have 5 wins and 1 loss, what a start! I was so nervous with this being my first coaching job, but this managing malarkey is I thought.

I called a team meeting to congratulate the players on a fantastic start, and for jelling together so well, in this meeting our goalkeeper had some kind words to say about me, ian lowe, what happened next was a shock, a fringe player by the name of Chris Fitzsimmons verbally attacked him, calling him all sorts of names, me and a few other players diffused the situation, but this did nothing but harm team morale, and which a big derby game against Runcorn town coming up, i had no idea how to deal with this situation.

What do you guys think i should do, leave it, or my other option, is to release Chris, thoughts?

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It's nice to make a great start. Release the derby game for us. ;)
Derby Day

My first real test as a manager, the closest local derby in the league. And i had made my first mistake as manager of the Linnets. I had promised the media that we would go all out attack, and really take it to our rivals, my squad, consisting of quite a few young lads, especially Oliver forsyth, i believe, couldnt handle this pressure.

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With our average attendance being a measly 111 supporters i had an aim to boost the support of our club with flyers, posters, etc. This was not needed today, 250 fans turned up for both sides and this was promising.

The game started, and you could already tell the media pressure had gotten to my young side, we misplaced the ball, every 50/50 our boys were being clattered, i had a word with the ref at half time and he said he'd keep an eye on it. I couldnt complain much, it was what you expected in a big derby game.
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This couldn't continue tho, i changed formation and brought on an older defender to sure things up at the back.

I had done well, we commanded the second half and town hardly had the ball. We couldn't break through the defense tho, and i was getting fustrated. Then...something no one expected happened. Oliver forsyth collected the ball from sam jones about 50 yards out, he faked a passed one way with a step over and jinked around a 6ft5 midfielder, he kicked the ball past him and chased it, NUTMEG, this was an incredible run, he exchanged and quick 1-2 with black and he was surging into the box, when from nowhere a defender clattered into him, i was outraged, the young referree gave a penalty and a yellow. I shouted for 30 year old neil black to take it, but ollie looked at me and mouthed ''I can handle it''. He placed the ball down, took just 2 steps back, walked up, and drilled in into the underside of the bar, and it crossed the line!

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Oliver had saved us a point in what was ultimately a poor performance, i would be praising him soon.

To come: releasing a trouble maker.

(Any advice is welcome)
Following his recent team meeting disturbance i have decided to release Christopher. Here is the conversation.
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Despite his complaints, he was released on a free, with the full backing of the board.

This means i must search for preferably a young free defender to sit on the bench for most of the season.

Its been a busy start to my managerial career but a fine one, with the Linnets sitting 2nd in the table, i had a chat with the board and they said they couldnt be more happy with my work, so hopefully we can kick on and at least get promotion, even tho our goal was to just get into the top half.

I signed a player/reserve manager for some added depth, he was pleased to join the club, but i felt rather funny hiring a man twice my age as if i was giving him his chance!
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I gave forsyth some praise in the media, as his performances recently have been top class. Im pleased for him, but i can see his talents should be in a higher league.

Im doing so well i've set a new club record! My family and friends are proud, but i wont be content untill we gain promotion!
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Tom McCready has been out injured for a while, he will be returning for the next game, and i have high hopes for him!

I was right, with 2 assist, Tom had an instant impact into the side as we scrape a 3-2 win away at Bacup. A poor display from the defence saved by our attacking prowess.
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