Oct 12, 2009
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hi sorry if this has already been posted and if so could you direct me please,

but has anybody started as a lower league team and now a top manager, not nessesery with the same team

Yes, along with the majority of people that play FM (I think). Most people do at least 1 save on each version of FM taking a non-league club to the Champions league! :D

(This year mine was Luton, although I did take Bradford to the prem in a different save)
I took st Neots to prem title and Europe :) very enjoyable highly reccommend
As soon as I read the title I expected the first line of this thread to be 'now we're here'.

I need to stop listening to Drake.
Trying to do that now, started unemployed and took over Woking who were bottom of the league in November. Season's nearly over and I've guided them to 14th, not sure if I'll stay with them though
Started with Guiseley who are in the Blue Square North and went to a few different teams now recently joined Newcastle United
Hey, yeah I play LLM quite a bit. Playing as Cartagena in the Spanish DB4 at the minute, was lucky enough to have been taken over by a Tycoon after 10 minutes of playing, which hasn't happened to me as a smaller club before, kinda makes it a bit too easy though :/

Anyways if you need help, I make guides for football manager (well starting to, trying my best to get stuff uploaded)

Give it a watch if you want to, might help with anything you need
Got histon to the prem, not made it very far into the CL yet.
Got histon to the prem, not made it very far into the CL yet.

Not bad for a village team ;)

In relation to the OP, it depends what you class as bottom. For example some would say BSS/BSN, others English Tier 9 (additional leagues) whereas others would say league 2!
Got Hebburn town in prem and quarter final of league cup currently 5th in prem after 11 games .. So going well. After i win a champs league a prem and everything i can with them iam going see if i can do a san marino challenge or something on same save.