Feb 18, 2013
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Due to compulsively playing my last save on 2012, i've only just got round to opening fm 2013. and wanted to try something i've never done before on any CM or FM game.

I want to start out from the very bottom.

I was thinking of starting from the blue square north or south and seeing how far up the leagues i can get.

first question, is there any other league in the world where you start off as far from the top league than starting in the lower blue square conference divisions? ie having to work up through 5 divisions

my second question is simply, have you any advice for a manager starting out from the lowest league? i've never ventured lower than a second national divion before and falkirk are probably the weakest team i've ever taken charge of.
i appreciate this is not going to be easy, any wee tips would be welcome
if you have a look on here their are some additional leagues you can download and i think their is a 15 tier english one and plenty other ones in other nations. also look at the manager stories i sure their are a few stories of people starting at the bottom, you could get some tips from there. but my advice for it is just keep your tactic as simple as possible. also something i like to try is going into a obscure nation and getting them to a top footballing nation. and good luck to what you do.
Quite a few people have downloaded the additional leagues and are starting in level 9 of the English league pyramid.

I've been doing this myself. Playing with Deeping Rangers and got them promoted to level 8 just after one season. :) Coming 1st so far in the league after the media predicted I'll finish 19/22 :).
Truro City in BSS is probably the biggest challenge I've ever had in any FM! I've had sleepless nights playing this save, Administration, financial problems, weekly wage budget of £1.7k, players are leaving me to join clubs that aren't allocated to any league!

Finished 16th in first season, lost most of my players as I couldn't offer them any increase on wages, currently 17th after 33 games in second season.

If you love a challenge, I'd suggest a love affair with Truro!