Starting new game - lower league manager


May 6, 2009
Hi everyone,

Im starting my first game on FM11 now but abit unsure of what leagues to select etc.

I only ever want to manage England teams so I have everything BS N/S and above selected. My problem is, in FM10 if you only selected England you never seemed to have enough low league players available. However, I dont want to slow my game down to much.

Should I just play with England league, or should I include some other nations like France to give me more low league players for when im managing Workington (blue square) to start out with..?

I did previously have a game crash on me and the game save stopped working due to RAM some time ago, but I had like 50k players in the database lol.. Im on a laptop with good graphics card, 3gb of RAM, and its Dual 2.16GHz (what all this means im not 100%) so abit of advice on how big of database I can get away with.

Cheers lads


Jan 30, 2009
I wouldnt to be honest....yes more players but as far as i know you will have trouble in buying foriegn players when you play lower league.
Eg i dont start thinking foriegn till ive got my chelmsford side to maybe championship league although i notice more and more foriegn players about in blue square today so all ive said might be flim flam.
Plus with a large database i never have trouble in the amount of "stock" available to me...plenty of free transfers and the like.
Not much help to you...soz