Jun 30, 2010
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It's either going to be a Premier League, Serie A, La Liga or Npower Championship one.

I need 5 people, what network league do you want and if you want to join... What team?
I'm keen on a championship game what are the hamachi details?
I will play whats the hamachi details

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flyhigher you host a network game and i will join
I want to play as well ! |)

EPL - Arsenal
La Liga - FC Barcelona
Seria A - AC Milan
sorry, hamachi details : (not too good with hamachi: but...) is my hamachi log in code thing ? :L

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network login is as stated above, password is "password"
La liga with At.madrid ....plz ...

tell me how play online in FM2011 plz bro

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Man U in premier league

Inter in serie A
erm, what league are we doing?
if epl : man u
serie a: fiorentina
la liga: barcelona

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what the network id?

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i have hamachi
Whatever you do dont let lukee join your game my friend!!!!!!! The guy is a complete idiot!!!!! He started on our game and left after 3 hours!! Season hadn't even started!!!! All he does is complain about game being slow then he complains he cant do his contracts quick enough!!!!!spends more time moaning on hamachi than he does playing the game...............total pain in the ****!!!!.............just wanted you to know jack............(please also ask sully to confirm)