your tactics, if you use the same tactics over and over again, the computer gets used to it.
you need to be more specific with your issues, screenshots PKms etc
when you say tactics, can you be more specific please?

Formation, team instructions, player instructions, kick takers, where to deliver the ball to.
If you are not too confident with making your own tactics, then there are plenty of tactics on here you can use, i suggest trying them out as most of them work really well.

If you do want to download tactics, then the Ghost Tactic and Mr Hough's 4-1-2-3 work well for me.

But certain tactical choices suit certain players, i.e. a target man should be used on a player that is good in the air and to use a target man, you are better using long balls, and direct passes rather than short ones.
what are pkms? i appreciate your help your giving me i just really want to be good at this but it doesnt seem to happen. i do so well in the begining and lose it all towards the end and get sacked.

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right i am going to give up with it now, just changed all tactics and i'm 2-0 down to a team that are worser off than me!!