Stay up with Man United Challenge

Dec 30, 2010
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Sounds easy? Not so.

Use the editor to make:

Van Der Sar
Neville Vidic Ferdinand Evra
Nani Carrick Fletcher Anderson
Rooney Berbatov

All have '1' for every attribute.

You must find a way to sell this deadwood and survive with your reserve team.
Because it's your challenge, shouldn't it be you who makes the database for us to download?
I think it would be too easy, anyway.

Rafael - Smalling - Evans - Fabio
Valencia - Scholes - Hargreaves - Giggs
Hernandez - Owen​
You are just making a challenge for the sake of making a challenge, no? This stinks of no effort or thought, there isn't even a points system to rank participants....
Ell Ow Ell.
Also, couldn't you just use your transfer budget to bring in new players? Or use the other players in the side...
wow, a lot of thought must have gone into coming up with this idea :)
I don't think it would be that hard to win the premiership still never mind staying up. Another poster put up the reserve line up which on fm, is still awesome, add to that the transfer budget and then factor in that united training coaches are pretty much the best in the game, your back four are all wonderkids so...

Yeah I'm sorry, challenge isn't difficult at all.