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Ok lads, just to let you all know that Steam are making AWESOME promotions until 2 january. no i don't work for them and i am not even trying to sell anything but to let you know....

Battlefield Bad Company 2 for 13 euros
Assassin' Creed 2 for 15 euros
Dead Rising 2 for 20 euros
COD MW 2 30 euros

and more!

this offers end in 12 hours, when these are over, others will come ;)

Merry x-mas every1!
Tbh the ones after the opening day have been mostly disappointing, with a lot of the 'deals' being cheaper elsewhere. The brand complete packs are great value if you don't have the games already, especially the Valve complete pack for £25.
The classic steam deals I like are the less well known games but only a couple quid so it doesn't matter if they suck. Company of heroes Tales of Valour last year being quite poor but only £2 so it didnt really matter
bad company 2 may be worth a punt at that price, it is the best FPS for quite a long time.
I just picked up Super Meat Boy for £3, what a let down. Game itself seems decent but I'm getting regular game breaking glitches where the game lags and meat boy falls through the floor/wall/everything, and frequent unresponsiveness when I try to jump.
I bought Super Meat Boy for the same price on the first day of the sale, works fine for me with no glitches at a perfect 60 fps.
I've decided to buy the Valve Complete pack. About time I actually played Half Life.
The only deals that are really OMGCHEAP are mostly valve games, indie games and complete packs. As someone else already stated, you want anything else, might want to have a look elswhere.

Still, an abosolutely insane amount of discounts, it's incredibly tempting to just spend money on EVERYTHING.
Quite a good deal on today. Crysis for £2.50 and Crysis Warhead for £4.25. Can save a bit of money by buying both together for £6.25
got some great stuff for dirt cheap. Star Wars Empire At War, World of Goo, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic, Super Meat Boy, Rome: Total War........all top notch at dead cheap prices. Which explains the massive bags under me eyes. Though World of Goo should warn people it will drive people up the ****** wall lol
very tempted by the GTA IV game and all expansions for £6, especially for the fun mods you can get on PC

Entire Half life series for £6.24. Also Company of heroes (amazing RTS) gold editon for £3.74 (the best 2 games of the COH series) and Tales of Valour for £2.49 (decent but not as good as others).
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