Stefan Maierhofer "The Austrian Powerhouse"


Apr 14, 2010
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Name: Stefan Maierhofer
Club: Red Bull Salzburg
Nationality: Austria
Position: Striker
Role: Target Man Support
Personality: Spirited
Value: £575k
Wage: £2.9k per week

On my last post i mentioned Simão Mate Junior as one of the best bargains on my West Ham save.
[h=2]Simão Mate Junior "beautifully dirty"[/h]
This time its the Austrian powerhouse Stefan Maierhofer. Bought him for £475k with £4.1k per week contract, he has taken the league by storm. Playing as a supporting target man alongside Carton Cole, Austin, Madine, Vaughn and Maiga he has always impressed me with his determination and strength. Although lacking in first touch and just a decent heading attributes he will easily transform your team to a champions league contenders. He heads the ball, holds up the ball, tremendous determination, finishes with power, excellent teamwork and workrate, and assist with goals. With a potential rating of only 2.5, he can outlive this easily and play as world class 5 star player. Twice back to back hammer of the year, hes about to retire with 116 appearance and 65 goals. so impressive i had all my younsters tutored by him, so all my strikers can be spirited and have a high determination.

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What do you think people?
As a Wolves fan I think that's ****** hilarious. Fair play for getting those kinds of performances out of him though.
yea, i remember he was a total failure at wolves. i thought he was decent so built a team around him, based on aggression and power. it worked wonderfully and now i am unable to replace this guy.
as an austrian i can only agree to Boozad. thats what he looks like in real life btw Stefan Maierhofer vs. Litauen [HQ] 10.09.08 - YouTube . lol anjanthebe has to be the greatest manager ever

Haha, when I first saw this thread I wanted to do the same :D
To be fair, he scored 31 on 49 appearances for Rapid Vienna so if competition level isn't too high (< Championship f.e.) he's quite the scorer. But seriously whoever's been responsible for his attributes should quit his job. If you swap Aggression with Bravery and OtB with Influence - yeah, that's very charming but ok'ish for mental stats (he really IS that kind of a determined team player). But Jumping 19? Strength 18? I'm 170cm and I bet my *** I'd beat him to a header. Na, sorry, possibly the most overrated player in the whole database :)

Another good one: Stefan Maierhofer FAIL !!! - YouTube
That's RB Salzburg - FC91 Dudelange.
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