Neymar does them on mine

Lukaku also does these skill ful back heals - ideal example was when he was stoped with the defender - looking in toward the centre of the pitch and yassien ran down the wing, with changing direction or moving, done a smart little back heal flick to put him away and in the clear to cross for the goal.
nah,everyone with high flair always do it,but the player have ppm do tricks,it will be cool.rivaldo always do it and he have ppm always do trick
I was playing against Barcelona (I was Seoul) in the Club World Cup, and Messi is fully open in the middle of the pitch, and gets the ball passed to him. He proceeds to do a bunch of step-overs and evasive moves, dribbling the ball expertly... Only no one was anywhere near him, so he looked like an ***... oO)

However after that he put a good pass on to a winger, who started an attacking move that led to us conceding :(
Giovani dos santos does them all the time on my Tottenham save.
Nasri always does it for me, but it's way too excessive. One time he literally did them from the half way line to the box, it was so stupid.