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Sterling's South American Based Recommendation List

Aug 22, 2011
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Okay, so I thought it'd be a good idea to create a list of players I feel are good for the majority of teams that are not Brazilian in South America. Managing Penarol myself (Stories section; El comandante), I have found it challenging to find players that can crack the hegemony of Brazilian teams on the Libertadores and to a lesser extent the Argentinian strength in the competition also. So, to increase the allure for some of you to manage a club in a smaller South American nation, I give you my recommended players when managing in South America.

* = Highly recommended


Cristian Bonilla - Atletico Nacional (becomes a very solid keeper with some playing time) *
Rodrigo Munoz - Libertad ****
Diego Barreto - Cerro Porteno
Martin Silva - Olimpia
Johnny Herrera - Universidad de Chile ****
Alexander Dominguez - Liga de Quito
Sebastian Saja - Racing Club (Will need quite a lot of reputation, top 3 star or 3.5star)


Sebastian Toro - Colo Colo
Igor Lichnovsky - Universidad de Chile (slightly injury prone, but becomes fantastic)*
Luis Casanova - O'Higgins (On loan for two seasons, but is young)
Xandao - On loan at Sporting (Often becomes unattached I believe)
Bruno Valdez - Sol de America
Harrinson Gomez - Rocafuerte
Enzo Andia - Universidad Catolica (Will cost 3-4m which is costly in SA, but he is probably the best CB outside Brazil and Argentina)

Full Backs:

Nicolas Raguso - Penarol *
Maximiliano Olivera - Wanderers
Simao - Unattached (decent enough to start, great for cover, can play many positions)
Matias Aguirregaray - Penarol *
Guillermo Varela - Penarol (On loan for 1st season elsewhere)*
Rubert Quijada - Caracas * (<200k)
Carlinhos - Tombense (250k)

Central Midfielders and Defensive Midfielders:

Migual Amado - Olimpia (on loan for 1st season)*
Braulio Leal - O'Higgins
Enrique Vera - Liga de Quito (33, but Amazing and cheap for most clubs) *
Fredy Hinestroza - Atletico Nacional (250k or so)
Harrison Henao - Once Caldas (200k-400k) *
Wilson Pittoni - Olimpia
Fabio Cabellero - Olimpia *** (Great prospect, can walk into many teams as an anchorman)
Charles Aranguiz - Universidad de Chile ** (Very expensive for most teams outside Argentina and Brazil, but very good)
Matias Abelairas - Union Espanola
Diego Arismendi - Nacional
Sebastian Martinez - Universidad de Chile


Jorge Rojas - Cerro Porteno
Eduardo Echeverria - Liga de Quito
Diego de Souza - Wanderers
Julio Buffarini - San Lorenzo (will need to be a high rep team)
Cesar Falletti - Cerro

Attacking Midfielders:

Diego Benitez - Olimpia
Luis Bolanos - Liga de Quito
Leandro Gracian - Cobreloa
Matias Perez Garcia - Universidad de Chile
Damian Manso - Deportivo Cuenca (Cheap veteran for short-term brilliance)


Pablo Velazquez - Libertad *
Fredy Bareiro - Olimpia
Maximiliano Urruti - Newell's (You will need to be in the upper 3 star bracket on the SA club rep list)
Gonzalo Bueno - Nacional (young and capable straight away, becomes great) *
Javier Soner - All Boys (Best U20 prospect at ST position based in South America IMO) *
Lucas Melano - Belgrano *
Juan Olivera - Penarol* (Short term brilliance)

NB: I will add stand-out players as I find them, this is just derived from my first season managing in Uruguay, It will get some more players on it in future. Enjoy!
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Aug 22, 2011
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Harrison Henao; easily the best buy at 250k or so. Amazingly well-rounded. Slightly injury-prone but definitely worth it, he's class for peanuts.
Dec 5, 2011
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You missed one - Juan Oliveira at Penarol. He's 31 but is a goal machine for 2 seasons in **1/3-*** leagues.