Stoke City 2009 - All Positions


Jan 20, 2011
Hello there,

I use to love playing with the editor and give my self stupid amounts of money, have Messi playing for Yoevil, but after a while, it gets a little boring.

So i've decided to start the game as Stoke, with a Transfer Budget of 30 Million....(Ok, so i edited that bit :) ). I Didn't buy any one in the summer transfer window, thinking my team would be strong enough to beat the drop in the first season. The trouble is, It's the 29th of December on my game and Stoke are five points adrift at the bottom of the table. I am still confident of staying up but does any one have any suggestions for a few players who A) Will help me notch up a few wins and B) May be good for the future, like Gareth Bale, who has agreed to join me on Loan for the rest of the season

Thanks guys.