Jan 21, 2013
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After their worst finish in over 10 years and an aging squad with inflated wages, Massio Moratti has made a shock announcement in appointing Daniele Marshall the half Italian from Liverpool to oversee a transition stage of Inter Milan.

Moratti said 'We feel that we need a change we had a awful season last year no where near where we should be performing, after taking a step back and looking at our situation we decided youth is where we need to focus, and therefore have started with our manager. We feel Daniele will bring great success to us and we understand that his philosophies are exactly in line with ours.'

Daniele has so far avoided any unnecessary press although he was quoted confidently saying 'The Nerazzuri are a fantastic team with some amazing history, and I will add to that'

Transfers Out

Terminated loans for Longo, Acampora

Jonathan - Genoa 1.4mil C/O

Mei - Modena 525K

Castellazzi - Reggina 100K

'These are players we have in the squad that are unnecessary and are left overs from the previous over spending regimes' - Daniele Marshall

Transfers In

Malouda - Chelsea 975K

Anderson - Man Utd Loan 50k p/m

Mannone - Arsenal Loan 18K p/m

'These players add alot of quality in depth for us and i feel that as we have very limited funds loans are our best option right now' - Daniele Marshall

When questioned on the Malouda purchase Daniele said 'Florent is a fantastic player and i feel that we have got a bargain in paying less than 1 million for him and he shows his desire by accepting less than half the wages he used to take and adds much needed width to our squad.'


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'We've had a good preseason, our main focus was to gain much needed fitness and i wanted to install my philosophies into my guys, to pick up some good results on the way is fantastic' - Daniele Marshall

Euro Cup Qualifiers

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'I'm very happy with our euro performance but it was expected, the fact we conceded one goal was upsetting as we really need to stay responsible at the back and it was just a lack of concentration' - Daniele Marshall

Team as it Looks

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'I'm very happy with our Squad for this season, yes, changes are going to be needed before next season but as i said for this year we have a very solid team and i fully expect us to win trophies this year' - Daniele Marshall

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Inter Milan fans are really happy with their new manager after a fantastic start to the season with 15 points from 15 in the league, with Diego Milito the key performer with 9 Goals in 5 Games.

'The start of the season has been good and its what we expected, the Napoli game was particularly pleasing and Diego has shown that age is just a number, however i am very disappointed in the draw with Club Brugge in the europa cup' -Daniele Marshall

Europa Cup Draw

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'I've seen the group handed to us being described as 'easy' but i don't think you can call any European Club competition 'easy' these teams have earned their way here and deserve their places, but yes we will finish top and i don't think it will be overly challenging for our current squad' - Daniele Marshall

Other News

Cassano injured on Italy duty, out for whole of September.
'This is upsetting as it wasn't in our power, but it wasn't intentional and i feel we can't put the blame on anyone. Antonio is a great footballer and he will be greatly missed, but we have players that can come in and fill the gap he leaves.' - Daniele Marshall

Silvestre Red Card Vs. Roma
'I won't apologise for Matias sending off, on another day he wouldn't have gotten 1 yellow for the two he got.'
- Daniele Marshall

League Tables
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Inter Milan have had a up and down month, an incredible 4-1 win over Palermo, and two 2-0 wins in the Europa Cup have been over shadowed by a shock 1-0 loss to Prescara and 3-0 loss to Juventus both at home.

'This month i have learnt some important lessons, and i admit i made some tactical mistakes, especially against Juventus and my stubbornness not to change it up only made things worse, however if you look at the overall picture we are still doing well and Diego has 2 hat-tricks in 2 months #diego4topscorer.'

Other News

Handanovic got injured on international duty along with Guarin, Coutinho and Cambiasso.
Marshall had this to say - 'I understand I was very calm last time about players getting injured on international duty, however its getting abit of a joke, if they don't look after my players I will request they pull out of the friendly squads, and I don't want to do that.'

League Tables

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Another mixed month for Inter Milan maybe showing their age and lack of true depth in quality, a notion Daniele Marshall is refusing - 'We have performed well this month we have managed to qualify for the next round of the Europa Cup with games to spare and are still right up at the top of the league, baring in mind I'm still yet to have a clean bill of health. Major positives are we are able to get goals from everywhere Coutinho getting 5 in November and Diego adding to his total, also really happy Antonio managed to end his goal drought, 11 hours is too long without a goal'

Italian Cup

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First Round

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Daniele Marshall - 'Fairly happy with that draw could have been easier and alot harder, can't complain'

Other News

It's no secret that financially Inter Milan are in trouble, but it shows great character that the 3 top earners of Inter have reduced their wages, a reported £100k per week reduction.
'Este, Diego and Wes are fantastic model professionals and its not about the money for them, they have a love for this club and its fans and want to play football here, i want to pay these guys more because they are worth what we were paying them, but they understand that in the interest of the club and its continued recovery we need to make some cut backs.'

It seems Dainele has had enough of his players getting injured on international duty, when he forced Handanovic to withdraw from a Slovenia friendly.
'I've made it very clear i support international football but it's ludicrous that Slavisa Stojanovic wanted Samir in the national squad, he got injured on international duty last time around and hadn't even got back into a full training session, I'm completely within my rights as his manager to ask him to withdraw Samir understood, even if Stojanovic didn't.'

Both the Forentina and Roma managers were sacked on the first of November Daniele had this to say
- 'Its modern football and that's how it goes, is it right? no, but everyone understands whats expected of them Forentina and Roma are both clubs you expect to be up there or thereabouts but i do feel 2 months isn't quite long enough to see if a club can compete.'

League Tables

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Diego Milito Injured for 2 months, this will seriously dent Inter Milans title chances. Daniele Marshall was not available for questions but a club representative has said 'Diego will be going to see a specialist in Brazil as he has suffered a hip injury when falling in training, we expect him to be back within 2 months and he has shown determination to come back stronger.'
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December - January

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Inter Milan fans will be upset with this sequence of results dropped another 6 points, and knocked out of the Italian cup first round.
'I have nothing to say at this point, we lost games we should have won and we missed Diego Massively'
- Daniele Marshall

Europa Cup Draw

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'Tough to ever go to Turkey to play, but i'm confident we have the strength to win this tie'

Transfer News

Guarin - 7.5Million PSG

Stankovic - 250k Fenerbahce

Juan - 2.7Million Atalanta

Chivu - 1Million Werder Bremen

'These transfers were out of need not want, we need to raise money and drop wages, as a result i can't be paying 30+ year olds and under for that matter over 50k per week to sit on the bench or not play at all.'
- Daniele Marshall


Toby Alderweireld - 6.5Million Ajax


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Bocchetti Cuadrado Llorente Quaresma

'I'm Ecstatic to have concluded such brilliant deals I've brought Toby from Ajax one of the most talented centre backs I have seen. As is widely published i don't have alot of money to spend but being able to off load some unneeded wage bill and making some money from the transfers these bosman deals have been phenomenal because they are all world class international players.' - Daniele Marshall

League Table

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Season End

(i lost all my screen shots up until the end of the season for clarity i finished 2nd 5 points behind Juventus equal on points with AC, Tottenham knocked me out of europa (convincingly) and went on to win it.)

'Happy isn't how i would explain this year, we didn't win any competitions, and a team like this should be competing for every trophy available, i'm very happy with the progress and with the squad i now have though'
- Daniele Marshall

2nd Season

Pre Season Year 2
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'We had a solid first year and i think these results show we are raring to go!' - Daniele Marshall


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'I'm very happy with my squad I've been able to stamp my authority... finally, we have incredible depth and quality and the youth i have coming through is exciting, i predict a great year for Inter Milan' - Daniele Marshall


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Additional Transfers

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Jonathan - 1Million Vito - 950k

'Jonathan and Vito are great additions, Vito was good for us last year and came up big when called upon, Jonathan played well last year and it was ideal for him to come back to us' - Danielle Marshall

Champions League

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Group Stage

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'its a good group and we should win it, thats all i have to say' - Daniele Marshall

Other News

As always Marshall is ever confident and has said he will win the league. However there are still major concerns over Inters finances.

'We will win the league and the champions league, we have to' - Daniele Marshall