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Nov 8, 2009
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I was thinking about starting a new story and I have a team in mind. But I don't know whether or not it would be in the interest of reading a story about that team. So the team that I have in mind is Real Madrid Castilla, which is the second team of Real Madrid. They currently play their football in the spanish second division against rivals Barcelona "B" and former La Liga teams Villarreal, Almeria, Hercules and Gijón. The team includes some real gems and the story would involve me only using players from Real Madrid academy, apart from the players already in the squad. As the second team doesn't get to spend money on new players. Some players of interrest already in the squad is: Jesé Rodriguez, José Rodriguez, Casemiro(Sao Paulo), Pedro Mosquera, Nacho Fernandez, Alex Fernandez and Alvaro Morata.

So if I were to start a story, would their be any interest? Thought I would ask before starting one, since Im not sure about the choice of team. Didn't really know were to ask this, but if I have placed it wrong please change.

Cheers in advance.
Firstly, I don't think you're meant to make threads like this. (;

But tbh, it doesn't seem like a very interesting story. Castilla can't compete in Europe, or even in the domestic cups anymore so the story would be pretty pointless. Just reading about you competing for the Segunda, over and over again, as you cannot gain promotion.
Nah, I guessed Im not actually supposed to make a thread like this.

Yeah, thought about that myself. Just the Segunda to compete for. But making future stars for the first team would be pretty cool, and I don't now if I actually was planning to stay at Real Madrid Castilla for more than two seasons. As my goal should be to manage Real Madrids first team at some point. Maybe use Castilla just as Guardiola did before taking charge of their first team.
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