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Strange Transfers

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Jan 28, 2006
I'm into February 2014 with my annual Wolves save and so far we're exceeding expectations by miles following some colossal performances and results. We badly needed to strengthen following promotion though and we managed to add the likes of Fierro (£7.25m), Destro (free), Jose Angel (£1.8m) and Goretzka (£4m). I'd been keeping tabs on Luke Shaw's situation following Southampton's relegation, and was informed that Man Utd were interested so thought I'd check his transfer status. He was being trailed by all of the major clubs so I thought I'd pop a cheeky offer in, and as I was upping the offer I noticed he had a Relegation Release clause of £850,000. So that's what I offered, fully expecting the bigger clubs to swoop in and sign him. But they didn't and we ended up with a massive prospect for pittance.

Come January I'd identified a couple of positions we could do with strengthening further still following the arrival of Ademilson (£5.25m) and Aaron Lennon (£5.75m), and aimed primarily for a defence minded midfielder. After failing to convince the board to sign Yann M'Vila (who we really couldn't afford) and Blaise Matuidi (whose wage demands were bordering on mental) I switched my sights to a central defender to partner Danny Batth.
Pickings were slim really and Isaac Vorsah was probably the most realistic target, but I wasn't keen on losing him to the ACON every once in a while so decided I could move Ryan Shotton into the centre as I'd been playing him at right back and look for a right back to challenge/replace Zubar.

I decided to raid Southampton again and set my sights on Nathaniel Clyne, and again there was interest from bigger clubs in the form of Spurs and Newcastle with Stoke also sniffing around. I'd been informed via the media that it would take £8.25m to persuade Southampton to sell so I lowballed at £7m which they rejected outright. I went back with £8.25m, and they countered that with £17.5m. I quickly withdrew as a) Clyne's not worth £17.5m and b) we didn't have £17.5m.
This ****** Clyne off however and just two days later he was transfer listed by request. With an asking price of £6.5m. I dropped the bid in as did the other three clubs, but due to the lower asking price I was able to juggle the budget and offer him £8,000 per week more than he wanted. He's now mine, and Southampton lost out on nearly £2m.

So do you have any strange transfer stories that have been pleasantly surprising? Or even frustrating?


Jan 3, 2013
Nothing quite as interesting as that mate, but Man City have just bought this guy for £38.5m in my game.

View attachment 314304

Very,very strange. How they thought he'd be worth that much is beyond me. He isn't even capped for france! All that money has gone to the manager's head I suppose.

As far as I'm concerned; I wanted to sign Ter Stegen at the start of my third season with Liverpool but Gladbach wanted £36m which wasn't feasible at the time, so I gave up. A week later I see that he'd signed a new deal. Curious (but more hopeful) I checked his contract and to my delight he had a minimum fee of £16.75m. Snapped him up of course.
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