Dec 16, 2010
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I've taken FC Halifax to the Championship in consecutive seasons, have signed a regen at 16 who has gone on to play 7.50+ every season and to play for Wales and be rated at £3mill and have had a load of players do really well for me, yet I haven't had a single approach from a club for my services and or my players... Slightly offended! haha
Hmm I'm in my 4th season as Liverpool and I've never had an offer for any player unless I've transfer listed him...
yeah haha that's what's wrong with this game. only ever had one offer for Thomas Ince for £10m from Spurs. Needless to say i rejected it.
There definitely needs to be offers more regularly. Playing as Liverpool in my 9th season I think, barely had any bids for big players, weird cosnidering I've dominated from early on. Only had one big bid without offering the player, £37.5 million for a 22 year old regen, I'd signed at him 16 for £1.5 million and hadn't really played in the first team, safe to say I was pretty happy when that one came in... He made 4 starts for them in the whole of last season.
usually you got such good reputation that the clubs just figure that unless you transfer-list the player or he wants to leave, they don't really have a shot at getting him.
If a player has a wage that doesn't represent his ability then no club will bid for them. This is especially true for liverpool
If you're a big club, and they're happy there it's highly unlikely others will come in for a bid unless they really really want him.
It IS weird that clubs like City, United, Barca, PSG, Real M etc dont bid for my brilliant young players.

I am Nottingham Forest and have won the Prem and the CL and have some world class players that are getting internaional and domestic awards for best "X" and produce results for their teams in the world cup etc. The players are worth between 15-25M and have wages between 65-115/month. Here, I would say that every "big" club in the world should try to unsettle/steal these players so that they can win the CL instead of me

It just makes the game to easy. In real life, it should take me at least a decade of triumphs to be considered "the club to play for" and on my journey, I should be forced to sell some players to keep the harmony, until finally reaching that stage where I am one of the big guns.
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the only time i had an offer for my newcastle side was PSG going for cabaye for 30 mill, and that was the very first time this game was released, but since then nothing, the only way i could get great money for players and thats offer to clubs, but even then the board and fans are mostly unhappy, so si should work on this.
it makes me laugh when you watch the transfer news that says man u/city or any other club with huge amounts of money, spend triple of the players valuation but its never your players its always another team