David Bartoli

May 8, 2010
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right then i am about to go into the 2014 / 15 season with atalanta i currently have 3 strikers i feel i am having to relli on a 35 year diego forlan for 17 goals. i am looking for a poacher to play of my target men of either mattia destro or gabbiandiani.

i have been scouting maxi lopez and mauro boselli as wigan just got relegated . i managed to agree a fee for falcao but he doent want to enter negotionaions i have a budget for a striker of about 12 - 18 million + i am in europe so my reputation is good as i got to semi final last year.

much love dave xx
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Kehinde Fatai - Astra 2009
Michael Eneramo - Es Tunis
Ji Dong-Won - Chunnam
Jan Chramosta - Mlada Boleslav
Vaclav Kadlec - Sparta Prague
Neymar? - If he's still at Santos.
good shouts but there all at bigger teeams than me or i dont have them in my database : /
i'd definately go for kadlec. in 2014/15 he should be a beast.
all the regular names as well like neymar, lukaku, sanogo, babacar etc
Here are a few more then,

Vitaliy Balashov - Chornomorets
Christian Benitez - Santos Laguna
Martin Paterson - Burnley
Serder Serderov - CSKA
Roberto Firmino - Figueirense
Marco Perez - Chico
unfortuniatly all these are at big clubs with wages bigger than what i can get. is maxi lopez a good poacher as he would be intersested in my club
all i can say with you being that far in the future use fmtre to scout a striker and price!!
Juanmi young Malaga striker (he might have moved clubs tho)
Try Yannis Tafer, in 2018 with my San Marino scored 31 goals in 26 matches and I am only in february :D
javier hernandez
abel hernandez
kouma babacar
romelo lukaku
yaya sanogo