Aug 5, 2009
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Just started up as Bayern Munich on default database (I never use January update) and seeing as Pizarro is old and Gomez (among others) seems to have been severely underrated by SI (seriously, I'd expect better technique and FT than that in League 1) I guess I'll have to splash out on a new striker. I've managed to offload Boateng and Luiz Gustavo, so have a bit of cash to play with, but probably only enough to get one quality forward, so a simple choice really:

Robert Lewandowski or Stevan Jotevic?

Lewandowski will cost a fortune (scouts reckon around £25m) whereas I've seen in previous saves Jovetic tends to get transfer listed around the £15m mark early on. However, Jovetic will probably want considerably higher wages (Scouts reckon anything up to £90k whereas I've seen Lewandowski take £40k-£50k contracts before). Now, I've never had either before, so what I want to know is: who will score me more goals? and who will cause me less trouble?

Alternatively, is there someone else who's even better (and preferably cheaper as I could do with a couple of midfielders too really) that I've overlooked?
Get Huntelaar or Llorente at the end of the season for free, or get one now for cheap.
I'd go for jovetic mate but up to you what about cavani or even falcao sometimes he transfer listen