Jun 29, 2009
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Are there certain striker player roles that work well together. I was thinking of using a Target Man and Poacher for my two strikers but I am unsure whether it will work successfully. Any ideas?
For my United save, using Rooney as a Complete Forward/Support and Berbatov as a Deep-Lying Forward/Attack or Chicharito as a Advanced Forward/Attack has always worked well. (We are talking about world class strikers here, so it may not fit for you)
Already a few threads like this. Use the search tool.
I need someone to partner Tevez for around (25 and below) got any ideas
Don't listen to sampaman, it won't work. Get Paloschi from Parma, he's a beast.
Even if you play as City, you don't have to splash all the cash for one player. I find this policy as a negative one. I always prefer to sign bargains, but that's just me. Nobody mentioned anything about Taufic Guarch. Take a look here in these screens. Since the moment I bought him, in my first season, he scored about 16 goals (Poacher and CF-Support).

His stats are still growing and he becomes better and better. I paid for him 2M in the first season.
he may be but not compared to the players you can get when you play as city
It doesn't matter, if you play City or Parma, Paloschi is quality as poacher, he scores ALOT of goals, perfect partner for Tevez. I really doubt Aguero or Pato can replace him.
i'm at united, i play aguero as advanced forward and hes playing well but the other striker who also plays as advanced forward never has good ratings, i used to play the 2nd as a complete forward but he also had bad ratings. what should i do? i have for the 2nd forward: rooney, chicharito and neymar
one striker with poacher, and the other with deep lying forward support. its works in my arsenal save, when i have chamak and bendner available. but if i have RVP, then i put him in single striker :)