Jan 9, 2010
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Into my 2nd season with Monaco (updated) and I can't get any of my strikers to play well, it's so frustrating.

I play a 4-2-3-1 with 3 AMCs (an IF, AM and AP) and I used my striker as a poacher, though I recently changed to complete forward to see if that made a difference. Falcao got less than 15 goals in his first season so I sold him and bought Soldado, who has also done absolutely nothing. I was hoping for Ocampos to do well after scoring 20 goals on loan at Porto first season, but he has also been useless!

I set 4 of my midfielders to attempt through balls often, but my strikers never get played in 1 on 1. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what a can do? My midfielders are playing quality, but if I can get a striker who pushes 30 goals a season then my team will be incredible.