Striker sides

Brum Boy

Sep 28, 2005
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Does is really matter where you play a striker on the left or right side up front. I am birmingham and have michael owen i have played him on the right side all season where jerome got 26 goals then i sold him to chelsea but michael owen didnt cos in 19 games half of a season. So then in the second half of the season i put him on the left side and he scored goals after goals and finished 2nd top scorer in the league on 23 goals. So does it matter can forwards only play on certain sides or is this just a coinsdence??
Certain forwards play well on certain sides. Maybe worth taking a look at the players preferred moves, E.g likes to cut inside (Owen wouldn't do well as he has no left foot, stick him on the left and he shoots with his right etc) also depends what the player instructions are and whether the player is right foot only or just right foot (meaning he would use his left aswell).
David Villa has a preferred move of 'runs down the left with the ball' so it seems logical to play him on the left side. If a left footed player has a preferred move of 'likes to cut inside' I'd play him on the right etc.