Jan 25, 2013
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So its coming to the end of my first season with Man United, Hernandez has been great this season keeping RVP out the team, Rooney has been playing deeper yet still banging in the goals, Fierro is away on loan bagging for fun and Maupay and Werner are tearing up the Under 18 league but are still 2-3 years from my first team plans. Now I'm gonna snap up Falcao (For the first time in any save ever for me) and I think RVP, Hernandez and Falcao aren't all needed when I only play one up front. So do I sign him for £20 million, or should I stick with what I've got?
stick with what you have... although he is a juggernaught - if you can unload one of the other guys or adjust your formation to allow hernandez a wider role...

its a tough one but at 20mil i'd buy him and use him sparlingly then sell him for double that next season
id just keep what you have you have 3 great ST and a few good youths coming threw....maybe save the cash or splash on few youths