Dec 28, 2010
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Iv got Mark Geddes from Hearts playing at Leeds, its year 2019. Hes one of the best midfielders in the world and worth 20+million.

He keeps demanding a new contract. He is currently on 67K a week. He wants 175k a week. The most I can offer for a key player is 140k a week.

I have offered him 140k plus maximum signing on bonus etc and met his appearance/goal/team division bonus. He wants match a highest earner clause even though I cant offer it, not that it would matter as 140k would be the highest earner anyway.

He keeps refusing saying he wants more and then his mood goes to poor and he is unhappy and complains to other players. I demoted him to reserves after demanding a contract every week, it was getting silly. He played well there for a few matches, went happy and I promoted him back to first team and he has been playing great again. Im currently sitting 2nd in table, 2 points off top. Anytime I try to have a private chat to click the "reduce wage demands" part it is greyed out and I can never select it and the player always starts the conversation with "so what have I done now"

Any idea how to get this problem resolved short of selling the brilliant wee *******. Arsenal want him but thats who im challenging the title with and they already bought some of my transfer targets so I dont want to help them any furthur.