Mar 10, 2010
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OK,I'm Real Madrid manager and it is impossible to win la liga.Barcelona have only drawn 1 game in 34 (with me ). Is it a bug or what?I know they are a great side,but only losing points with me is completely unreal.

You may also see their goal difference - 100/8 ,what the ****?
Tell me about it. I've been whooped by both those sides in the Champions League.
That's quite insane. Never seen anything like it.
No, they just have a good manager that can keep the team winning - it is probably also partly luck. You need to do the same by getting your tactics perfect and saying the right things in team talks. Don't underestimate team talks ;)

Take a look at this.
Yes ,but it is in 2025 , no messi,and their players arent that good tbh.

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they lost some points in the last 4 games :

Prob not bug or they would have won the almeria game

Their manager is still guardiola,quite impressive.
Screenie of their best regen? Then we will know what u are up against :)
In the only season I have played in La Liga on FM11 I won the league with Real Madrid, Barca came 3rd... Weird.
Their team is basically this, they are good but meh, not that good

wow must be an amazing tatic lol, a rwb with 14 assits in 24 games, mental1
Alphonse Areola ain't a regen mate. :D
Still quite unrealistic nonetheless.
look at the striker's stats, goal and a half per game almost! :O