Substitute for Ben Yedder on 4th season


Nov 6, 2013
Well i´m starting my fourth season on Milan, on my first season I picked up Ben Yedder for 7M as he was unhappy at Sevilla, he is currently my main striker, he scored 18 goals on his first season, 37 on his second and 26 on his third, missing 2 months due to an injury, he is incredible, playing him as a False Nine, he also manages to assist a lot.

The problem is my others strikers never seems to perform well, currently I got Nicholas Pierini and Patrick Cutrone, but they got less than 4 goals in the last season, previously I got Bacca, Bosetti, Driussi and Niang, Bacca managed to score like 10 goals on his only season with me, then sold him to Spurs for 40M because he wanted to leave, Bosetti never scored but assisted a lot, managed to get more than 10 assists, then wanted to leave for Marsella, Driussi got injured for 6 months, then Atletico came with a 35 offer and he became mad to leave and Niang played really bad as a striker (less than 6.5 rating) then I put him as a winger, and he became a beast.

I´m currently targeting Facundo Colidio (Boca), Lautaro Martinez (Sampdoria), Vincent Janssen (Tigres) and Mariano Diaz (Benfica) to be my second choice striker.

Any other options?

My tactic goes as this:
AP (S) DLP (S)
W(S) F9 (S) IF(S)