Nov 21, 2008
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Hi Guys,

Yes i am talking about default tactics and tactic creator. It seems they don't work..I mean seriously. Is there anyone who did a quadrable with default tactics and instructions?..Well. I think no! Does that means the game creators do not know anything about the game??? Or they just want it to be complicated??

it is not easy to create a tactic yourself...I mean I should have at least some success with a default tactic. Of course there must be some effort for success. But game does not give us this pleasure so easily. It wants method of trial and error. It wants us to give a huge time to make a good tactic. But football is not so comlicated. Or is it???

I am plug n play type. I can't bother to analyse so deeply the tactic side. I admire and have a great respect the guys who have given lot of contribution to us about tactics. But simply i cannot do it. I cannot read a hundred pages of writings to create a tactic. I don't have such a concentration and motivation.

Managing players, new trasfers, hot prospects and club finance is more important and enjoyful than creating a decent tactic for me. I am not happy with the fight i have been through just to make a tactic.

On the other hand would that be so enjoyful if it was that easy. I mean, the complexity of tactic creation, is it the key factor which attracts millions to the game? Would you love it if you would take all trophies with a tactic you created in a 5 minutes??

There is a delicate balance here. The coplexity of the game. But in my opion this balance has been corrupted in recent games and the tactic creation became a hardcore nightmare. Yes there are lots of guys successfull but huge amount of players cannot break their bad luck about self-made tactics.

In conclusion;

This game is not all about tactics. I think there must be a default "really promising tactics" which you can handle a club without problem. We should be able to focus and spend more time on other aspects of the game like transfers, young players, club finance, etc.

Anyway...Thank to all guys who shared decent tactics and advices for us who cannot managed to create a tactic. I just wanted to write something. My thoughts. Agree or disagree, all your comments are welcomed.