Sudden drop in morale


Mar 1, 2013

I am playing fm 14.

At some stage of a season, my players' morale will drop from superb/very good to fairly ok for no particular reason. For example, recently, i was on a 4 game winning streak(1 loss in like 30 plus games) Just demolished southampton 6-0 at home, gave team talk, everyone's morale was superb at the end of game. Praised the best performers after the game through private interaction, ok everything looking good. A day later, bam, all the players morale became fairly ok/good.

Im manutd


Also, it seems this issue happens on every FM series/game i've played. My players' morale will suddenly drop form superb/verygood to fairly good/ok for no particular reason

Edit: Happened again after the next match. Dominated Newcastle at home 28(9ccc) shots to 1(0ccc) shot, 60% possesion. lol. great team talk at end of game, private praise through interaction after the match. ok vry good morale. A day later, highest morale is fairly poor?!?!

Which makes me wonder is this a bug? Or is it some wierd FM auto correct trying to prevent me from dominating this season. Really I see no reason why my morale would suddenly drop from superb to fairly poor when i've been on a winning streak.

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So screenshots, this is after the newcastle game which i dominated. Just after the game, morale was very good, then a day later it dropped to fairly poor as shown

Again played chelsea in capital cup final, won 2-0, morale was very good, a day later, all dropped.
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Yes i noticed a couple of players had "team talks getting repititive". But hey i just won a cup final against chelsea, what else was i supposed to say? "dont get complacent for next match" wasnt avalilable.
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