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Apr 25, 2020
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Everything you and I know about FM is about to be thrown out the window with this new England save I'm doing.

Welcome to FC Isle of Man!


You may be wondering "Why is this team in League One???" That's a wonderful question! Because we are using this database:

Yep, we are starting out in The Abyss and my only goal in this save is to win the Premier League title, which is easier said than done. The earliest we can do this is Season 3, but that involves not only winning our group (or winning the playoff if we get 2nd place in the group), we have to win the title next season or we go straight back down.

So the plan is to build up as fast as possible to beat the other 3rd tier sides so we stand a chance at not only winning the league title this season, but next season as well. Because of how the different leagues work, getting sacked it very likely to occur cause the AI of everything is unpredictable, so....


It's also entirely possible that during our endeavor to win the Premier League, the database breaks, in which case I'll call the save over. So, let's get things started by looking at the rules of The Abyss.


So far, everything looks sorta normal. Now for the fixture list and table:



So far so good. Now, unlike my normal saves, I won't be posting based on month every season. I will be posting depending on which league I am in, which can be as fast as one post per season or as slow as one month per post. Transfers will be reviewed at the end of the playing season, so for Season 1, it will either be the next reply or the one after that should we get playoff spot.

Anyway, that's it for the introduction of possibly one of the most unique saves I will be undertaking this year. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next post, where we will find out if we can escape The Abyss or not.
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Im following this. And I'll definitely try this one
Good evening everyone, welcome back to the Isle of Man. So, the first half of season 1 has come to an end and the new year of 2024 has arrived. Let's take a look at the results.



Good ole throwing bodies at the problem helped us finish top of the group with 17 wins and a single draw, meaning that we are promoted to Tier 2 straightaway! Oh boy I cannot wait to see what's in store for us...

To get an idea of what the transfers looked like throughout the season, here's a screenshot:


Getting out of The Abyss was the easy part of the save. Now we have to get out of whichever Tier 2 league we end up in next season. So far so good...

That's it for Season 1 of my self-inflicted suffering. Stay tuned for the start of Season 2, where the real pain begins.
The save is dead. Press F to pay respects.