Jan 21, 2011
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Hi Guys,

Below is a picture of my NUFC team in June 2013.

Im happy with every part of my team apart from ML but ive got Steven Deflour signing on a free to cover that.

Ive got 32mil to spend and cant really think of who to sign as im pretty happy with all the players..

Finished 5th last season, any help is appreciated or thoughts where im weakest.

How have i been cheating?!?!?!

I sold so many players at the start of the first season left me with a buggets of something like 14million i then sold carrroll to liverpool for 5.5, bouught babacar for 10milloin on 48monthly and Annan on 48monthly,

Get a life noob. Game has only been saved 60times since the start also. GRRRR
defo been cheating . . .

Dont assume he cheated without proper grounds.
The majority of players here can be picked up fairly cheaply.
He may have used monthly installments to pay for the players but theres nothing wrong with that.
Its not like he has Messi and Ronaldo playing for him.

Dont accuse him for no reason.

Back on topic.
Id maybe go for a top class keeper and maybe a more experienced striker.
defo been cheating . . .

He's got some good players who are Newcastle level and he's in 2013, he may be in europe and get more money.. he probably hasn't cheated, no need to accuse is there?
defo been cheating . . .

so what if he's been cheating (not saying you have). It's his game so he can play it how he wants. I'd say GK and Rb are positions you can strengthen, see how much you can get Van der Wiel for for Rb

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I put in an offer for Kadlec not expecting it to be accepted as he had just moved but to my surpise he did as he was struggling to settle in the area.

Just cause ur **** at the game doesnt mean you can call decent players ****, really ****** me off.

Oh and by the way i got took over last season also, and new chairman was very kind :)

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Back on topic lads, What would you recommend i do :) ?

Jak iv got vjailisko on the bench as he was tired but he is my usual choice at RB and i think hes one of my best players!
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Selling Carrol for 5M ? You could really use some negotiating skills.Apart that, I'd get either a good left winger and partner neymar and babacar or get a new striker to partner babacar.
I wanted rid of him so offered to clubs! I really struggle to sell him at any more
didnt mean any offence by saying you'd been cheating, kasper schmeichel turns in to a good keeper is at arsenal on my save, ashley young or a player called Yollo(pretty sure thats his name) re good for LW as well and not to pricey