Aug 22, 2011
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Okay guys, heres the scenario.

Last season I superbly got second, very unexpected but Juve ran away with it and won by 22 points, whilst the other 'big' teams failed miserably, all 10th and below. So, it was me, Parma and Chievo fighting for the CL spots come 20 games.

I had loaned Libor Kozak, whom got top scorer, so he's no longer available for loan or sale now after that season. Kweuke was transfer-listed by Arsenal for 4.8m but he chose Gladbach over me.

I'm looking for an Advanced forward or Target man, but I'd prefer someone more allround than Kozak this time, as I have reinforced my attacking midfield trio with Florenzi and Gaitain - making it more potent, and I want the striker to be able to play them in for a change.

Budget is 12m, however, I'm looking for best value for money - If I spend all 12m, I need someone who will lead the line to a great standard until my regen striker (whom is luckily, going to be amazing) can lead the forward line (currently 16).

Help very appreciated!
pierre michel lasogga would be a great option, he's cheap and ready for first team football, he'll also continue to get better and better!
Arrogance - none of those three are available. Jonesbilly, Lasogga is too narrow on stats for me, I need someone who can dribble and pass a little, Lasogga is out and out goals and nothing more. Any other suggestions? Loans work too.
Playing Bianchi as a poacher (I know right?) Got me 32 goals in 35 games in the season your about to play

Maybe Malonga at Cesena? Or Marilungo/Insigne/Immobile
Tomas necid / Adebayor (He might be a little more, not sure but hes a beast) cisse, if you're playing before the update then ba is 7M
Maupay, ready for 1st team already at 17 a young Henry like player?
Michu sounds like your ideal man. Although he'd probably be a bit too expensive.

If not him, then I'd look at Aspas from Celta. £8.75m release clause (I think) and he's a creative striker.
I agree with wynters play Bianchi at poacher I signed him in 2nd season with Parma an he scores for fun. I also signed Immobile for 3.5m in 2nd season and now he's worth 10m.