Sunderland pay £6m for Sessegnon

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Aug 23, 2006
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Sunderland sign midfielder Stephane Sessegnon from French club Paris St Germain for 7m euros [£6m].

Sunderland are improving. They also got Muntari. So they have a really strong midfield.
Safc are getting an immense midfeild with muntari and sessegnon
Should make them even more fun to play against on FM.
Suprised a Spurs, Liverpool, Everton or Villa didnt go for him. Good buy for sunderland
Tbh one of the best buys in BPL this winter. I said BPL only because Malaga's signings are outa this world :D
Good player, but is a very volatile person. Could be a steal, but if he causes problems like he did at PSG, could be another Diouf - has the skills, but attitude stinks.
Never seen him play in real life but his stats on fm are far too good for Sunderland :p
Its not right that he joined for just 7 mln euros, as PSG bought him two seasons ago for 10 mln euros. If not his bad relationship with the manager, then PSG would not sell him for less than 12 mln.
We were in for him, but Houllier called it off. Interesting, and it makes me think Houllier has the inside track on some sort of problem with him.

If not, good signing indeed.
Tbh never saw him play.. heard plenty of good things but if he is that good how come its that cheap and no top clubs were going for him
Heard good things about him, but never seen him play, Sunderland going for a good midfield instead of replacing Bent.
Excellent player on FM10 and FM11, however I've never seen him play IRL so can't comment.

But for £6M it can't be that bad a buy.
He has a brilliant touch, watching him link with Gyan will be great.