Sunderland set to land £3m Baird

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Aug 23, 2006
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Sunderland are expected to complete the £3m capture of Southampton's Northern Ireland international defender Chris Baird.

Splashing out again. They definately have the players to stay up and maybe a high mid-table finish.
top 15 def. though they wasted 1m or so on Russell Anderson
Russel is a great defender, i'd swap russel for any one of our dc's in a heartbeat (cept mick and o'dea obv)
dont think sunderland will do as well as u guys think tbh. although it may just be because im a newcastle fan :p lol
i think theyll do well but not as good as reading did this year. around 12/13th i think
I hope they crash and burn like usual. :)
yeah would be mint if they have forked out all this cash, then beat there own record for lowest point total
I reckon the Rams could give them a run for their money for lowest points record, we haven't made any great signings ourselves.
I cant really see Sunderland going back down this year, i see them probably just above relagation. Wigan for me are favourites to go down, maybe Derby too.