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Supat Rungratsamee


May 6, 2009
Maybe he is real but he dramatically ****** off the Thai authorities or the CIA or something and so they made him disappear, tried to cover up that he ever existed and now he's in Guantanamo Bay or some other similar place being beaten every day, not allowed to sleep and left to wonder what could have been if he hadn't asked whatever questions landed him there.

Maybe it's a Dan Brown style conspiracy led by FIFA to make him disappear. I would be a too bigger shock to world football for an Asian player to win the Ballon D'or so they got rid of him while they still could to maintain the balance of football. Blatter would have personally ordered his abduction and probably been present for the execution.

The final possibility is that the head of MI5 is a secret Southampton fan. MI5 came into possession of a device allowing people to see possible futures. The head decided to view the futures of Southampton and their main rivals Portsmouth. What he saw shocked him, Portsmouth were to become the best team in the history of the game, led by their talismanic, ever-loyal skipper, home-grown striker Supat Rungratsamee. Rungratsamee himself would set several records for goalscoring and consecutively winning awards, winning himself and his club everlasting fame in the process. The head used the machine to determine that the only way to prevent this was to erase Rungratsamee's existence. He did this by killing Rungratsamee and burying the body at sea. He then erased the memories of anyone who had ever met Rungratsamee. The only hitch in his plan was the cult following Rungratsamee had gained within CM/FM forums, these people could expose his plan. He dealt with this by having a mole planted at SI to ensure that Rungratsamee was in every game but with a new DOB, meaning he never aged, hoping that this would convince people that he was just a joke and never existed.

If I mysteriously disappear off the face of the Earth, along with this post, then you all know what has happened and I hope you will all do what is right. :D
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May 4, 2012
You guys need to know the truth.... Yes he is a real person and yes he did play for Portsmouth FC youth team. I met Supat at college in 2010-2011. He stopped playing football due to a knee injury on his right leg. He is doing very well in life living down in Portsmouth and I'm actually seeing him this Saturday for his birthday lol.