Jul 16, 2012
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Rightio! so T1LL13 and Jimmeh36 created a European Super league and Jimmeh36 then also created super leagues for the rest of the Continents.(huge credit to them i love this database) so what i will attempt to do is do the Pentagon Challenge with this Database!

I Must Win the Top League in all 5 Continents and the Championship of Continents
I Must start Unemployed and Sunday League Footballer Reputation

Well thats pretty much it.

I will do Season Updates so wish me luck!

PS: link to the thread of the data base i'm using
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Good luck Jordan that's gna take you a while! although I would add the championship of continents to the list because it has the highest rep :)

Also, The European super league was jointly created by myself and T1LL13 (credit where credits due heheh ^^)
hey sorry this has taken a while to get into but don't fear! this is underway and the first update is here!!!

Season 1
Here I started my long career to some how win everything.
i applied for every job available and got back from three of them all in the African fourth division
I chose AS Duoanes (doo-won-nes) From Senegal
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The main Reason I chose them their 60 000 capacity stadium which could allow them to grow without having to waste money expanding or build a new stadium
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This team lacked any wingers or any depth in every other position and no transfer budget or even any available wage budget. So I was in a bit of a pickle. any way here or my transfers
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I did have only 17 first team players which made it really difficult if I got a couple of injuries.
Here is how my season went......
African Cup
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Well, we had a good cup run. hopefully we can do better next year.

African Lower Championship
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did ok, just missed out on getting to the knock out phase in the last last game of the group, so i guess now we can focus on the league.

African Fourth Division
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I think overall pretty well considering sometimes struggling to put out a team some games as you can see we go on good runs and bad runs, but i think next season hopefully with a bigger wage budget and more players we can push for promotion

Managers Player Of The Season
This award I would like to give to... Abel Mendy.
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Abel Mendy was just a beast for me in defence this season stopping everything and having a lot of very good games i hope he can continue to play for at least another few seasons as he is getting a bit old.

if there is anything else you would like to see just hollar

and I will see you again at the end of next season. we will get promotion? will i still be at this team? only time will tell.​
Season 2

so lets get started with season 2! who's excited????
I am still with the team AS Duoanes and it was an eventful season.
to start off here are the transfers
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so pretty much, yes! we got a decent transfer budget and a considerably larger wage budget so we are now relatively free to move around in the transfer market and more importantly, get some depth into are squad! also because like more than half our team is over 30 we also really need to look at replacing them, so i bought some 16/17 year old gems also not to mention and absolute amazing guy came through the youth ranks who is pretty much already my best midfielder at 16, so that's promising.

now onto how the comps went

African Cup
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so we doubled the length of our cup run from last year!!!! come on, high fives all round!

African Lower Championship
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so pretty much the same result as last season, I blame the touch of bad for at the beginning of the season.

African Fourth Division
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so we went a lot better as injuries didn't effect us as much because we had the depth of the Atlantic Ocean, gotta love similes! but anyway, are you ready for the table???
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BAM!!!! who would have expected that??? that's right nobody!!! so the first trophy added to my belt, though not a top division title it is the first step of 1000 miles.
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and i thought this might give you a little better understanding on how are season went.

Managers Player Of The Season
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Pape Niang was amazing. When our other three ageing striker struggled to find form he did and ended up keeping the first team spot all season scoring 16 goals in 24 appearances, and he is only 20 so many many years on him and hopefully stays with Duoanes. as he is a great player.

so a brilliant season under are belt how will we perform in the third division?? a little fact out of the 4 team promoted from the fourth division last season one got promotion again, two finished mid table and the other is coming back to the fourth Division. the team that one the fourth division last season was the one that got promoted again. Omens?? will that happen to us?

Season 3
First season in the African Third Division here is how the transfers went
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I just signed a whole lot more mature and young players with my decent wage budget to really give my self the depth of the Atlantic Ocean. well also to fill out my reserve and youth teams.

African Cup
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Well knocked out in the first round again.

African Lower Championship
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Well first time we didn't get knocked out of the group stage and we amazingly made it to the final but unfortunately lost on penalties :(

African Third Division
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considering we were the favourite to be relegated I think we did brilliantly especially with the extra games for the Lower Championship.

Managers Player Of The Season
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****** **** Djibril Sow. This guy just came up through my youth and was already my best midfielder and he was showing everyone from team mates to opposition how to play football. Djibril will be a star!

Breaking News
Manager of AS Duonnes has just accepted a job offer for ASO Chlef, who are currently in the African Second Division
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yes I have taken a new Job, don't worry I loved Duonnes and their fans but I felt I have left them in a good state with a good team and a lot of promising youngsters to keep them moving forward and it is time for me to continue at ASO Chlef.

Breaking News
ASO Chlef manager has resinged and joined African Premier team Tout Puissant Mazembe after just three months.
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Yes I had a short spell at ASO but i felt i could get my goal quicker with TP Mazebe. so I guess I will review my short time at ASO

Season 4 Part 1
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I did pretty well with transfers and as you can see brought in some players from AS Duonnes, my old club.

African Cup
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I have kept them in the cup!

African Second Division

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I have put them in a good position to really move for promotion

and the one game in the African Championship we played finished 0-0

TP Mazembe

So now I will take TP Mazemba and who knows maybe this will be the team I win my first continental title with.
if you would like to see here is where they before I took over
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So they have not won a game but I think I can get them out of relegation zone for this season and really aim for the title over the next few seasons
also notice Masry on the top, they were in the fourth division in the first season. so they have done incredibly well getting back to back to back promotions.​