Jan 25, 2013
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During my Celtic save this guy has really made an impression on me, 29 goals in 43 starting appearance in all competitons in the first year and a half as well as 2 caps for scotland. Interest from Everton and Liverpool but im not letting the you lad go.

Anybody else had any luck with him?
Played as a lone striker in the first season of my QPR save.. Didn't force him into it he just kept scoring. Quality player, don't be surprised to be get offers in the region of £15m soon!
44 in 68 for the first 2 seasons makes him my most prolific striker, in the company of Hooper and the emerging talents of Ademilson and Fierro hes done well.
Can't seem to find him on my game, might be because I don't have scottish league?
I like it when He scores on soccer saturaday his name comes up T Watt
just bought him because of this tread. I must agree, he is a great player. Using him as a Complete Foward. 15games 14goals. Iam Reading, using modern warefare.