May 30, 2006
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Anyone else stoked to see this? It looks awesome, the trailers are hilarious anmd apparently I've heard very good reviews off other people who've seen it.
Yes I've watched it three times. I find it to be hilarious and I want a fake McLovin ID too, Fogell rules.

Fully deserving of good reviews.
Dunno. The trailer looks reasonably funny. Prob end up seeing it eventually anyway. Hope its good :)
Was going to aquire this, but decided it's worth going to the cinema to watch!

It is out from the 14th of Sept Shaun.
Thought i would bring back this thread to give my proper review on it....

Awful plot, poor film, but hilarious...and Craven, buy the DVD off play and you get a mcLovin ID....or generate one online :D

Just borrowed it off a friend and plan on watching now :).
Haha thats classic, might have to do that meself