Swansea City richest team in the world

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Jan 9, 2013
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It's took me awhile but managed to get my Swansea side to richest team in the world in 2021.we have an estimated value of 1.1 billion and balance of 360 million.probably my best achievement on fm13
You could at least talk us through how you did it and stuff. This is just bragging.
Sorry that wasn't meant to be the end of my thread.not sure why it submited but I'm on my phone.

I actually went ages seasons without success by keeping a very strict wage budget in place.I wasn't goin over 500k aweek and just concentrated on upgrading my facilities.

I scouted a lot of regens and played them from a young age and sold for major profit.I've spent 400 mill on players and sold 800 mill but also managed to have a successful team.I've won the league and champs league on 3 occasions each.

I've basically used my regens for around 3 years and sold them when they are at or almost at there peak and want big contracts.it's never great selling your stars but I'm trying a different challenge with this save

does anyone else do this with the slightly smaller teams and have success?
after the 2nd season with spurs, i was the richest club in the world somehow, i know spurs aint a small club, but there not a big 1 either, but i won the europa league first season and the champions league in the 2nd, so maybe the boost from that gave me loads of money.

just started a save with southampton and im trying to do the same as you, buying cheap players and selling them for more and getting youth players and selling them after a few years for 20x the amount i bought them for. :)
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