Jun 15, 2010
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So I finished 6th in my first season with Swansea, I said I'd get 10th so I'm hoping for some good money, not sure how much, but this is my team at the end of the season.

I don't know how much money I'll need, but I probably could do with maybe a better RB, I've been looking at martin kelly but they want a lot of money for him, I'd like a better LW/LM that dyer, I'd love sterling, but Hughes/Redmond would also be great. I'n hoping to get Ademilson firing next year too, as I have Destro coming on in on a free aswell as Ospina. Also, De Guzman and Suarez's loan are up so I'm going to need a couple of really good CM's, I'd love shelvey, but they want a lot for him.

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For RB, look at Adam Matthews from Celtic, quality attacking full-back and he's relatively cheap.
I can't find him on my game? I'm looking through the celtic team, and he isn't there.

I've got 22.5 mil to spend
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Jason Lowe I got him for 4.8million good potential and he can play RB and CM!
Fabbrini, downing, as LW's

rangel actually runs well til he's 33 just underrated

Look for a regen next season?
RB: Chris Solly is great and yours for about 7/8 mil with instalments.
CM: Felipe Anderson (3.5 clause)
LW: Then use the remainder as a basis to get GRIEZMANN with cash up front and instalments.
get jack cork,hes awesome for me in my swansea save
Cleverly is a good shout versatile and I landed him in the second season for 8.5mil but well worth it and Jason Lowe can play many positions including RB I got him for 4.3mil.