Jan 6, 2012
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Looking for a good formation to play with swansea, tried a few already but none seem to be working anyone been them before and had any success?
I'm currently in my second season with Swansea, finished 6th in my first season, playing a patient 4231 possession system with the striker playing DLF and the full backs changed to wing backs

I promised to avoid relegation in the first season so maybe that was a slight error as my budgets were very low but my signings in the first season were Bressan, Carlos Fierro, Vaclav Kadlec, Jonathan de Guzman, and Loland Lamah.

Sold Situ, Tate, Monk, Gower, Moore, Cornell, Obeng and Donnelly to prepare for a squad overhaul at the end of the season (which didn't happen due the board being extremely careful).

I managed to get 10 mil together for Leonard Kweuke and Giuseppe Bellusci who have fit in very well.

In the second season my BPL form has been hit and miss due to my smallish squad but in Euro Cup I sailed through the group stage losing just 1 game and winning the group.

I am up against Athletico Madrid Next in the knockouts.

I recommend playing Ben Davies very regularly as he is a Wonderkid and his tackling and crossing skills are high, Neil Taylor is used as backup for me.

Also Roland Lamah is a magnificent player playing as IF and has had 11 goals in 21 apps so far this season.

The Swansea staff have almost all been replaced, all of the facilities have too except the stadium.

A lot of the Swansea players have high work rate and teamwork stats so I always try to keep the ball as much as possible whilst still adopting an attacking approach going forward, especially down the flanks