Jan 9, 2013
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Do many of you do this throughout your tactics during the game.I've never done it much but testing it with Spurs for the attacking left and right positions as I've set them both to inside forward.My main two who will be swapping will be Bale and Lamela with Lennon and Dempsey as the back up.
Depends who i play, if i play a front 3 of Bale Aguero and Sanchez, i'll have the outside two as Inside Forwards and swapping, but change them to Wingers if i bring Falcao on for Aguero... and move them to byline runners/crossers..
I'm trying it more for Bale as I think he's abit wasted as a left winger.I suppose like what's happening in real life.seems to have brought the best out in Lennon already tho.seems to be goin good although bale hasn't played yet as he's been injured .
Yeah, i'd like to have it i try and get the wingers to mix it up cutting inside or staying out as much as i can.. i'm finding Bale better as an IF and Sanchez going to the line.
I'm looking forward to using Lamela.if I can get his finnishing up abit I think he will be a great signing.I'm surprised Lennon is doing so good.I thought he mite be the one who would struggle as an inside forward rather than a winger
Bales better out left both IRL and on the game.
I'll find out soon in the game and I think in real life his form has improved with him being more central
looks like he will turn into the new cr7 well thats what i see
I'll find out soon in the game and I think in real life his form has improved with him being more central
Bale is very easy to take out of the game though through the middle.
His strength is his pace, stop him from playing one twos around full backs or getting a few yards to start running at them and his game is very limited. He does drift inside but it tends to be when the ball is already much further up the pitch, he does best when he can attack full backs. Through the middle he can get double marked easily, he doesn't have the room to run at players and he can't hit the channels as easily.

Once he can't run he struggles and then he relies on his ability to hit the ball from distance which can let him down.
I think it's a move weve seen more and more over the years tho.Thierry Henry a classic example and even ronaldo and messi play more central than when the first started.I'm not saying ur wrong but I doubt we will see Bale played out on the left much from now on