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Jun 14, 2009
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Walter Smith retires - shock as it isnt Ally Mccoist to replace him!
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Smith during the Europa league final in 2008

Glasgow Rangers have today reveiled that current manager Walter Smith has finally decided that the time is right for him to retire before the start of the 2010/2011 season. He says his decision was made as soon as the gained the SPL title last term.

Not many would begrudge the Scotsman a retirement. He has been a fantastic servant to the club, and was part of their infamous '9 in a row'. At the age of 62 now though, he says that he has other things on his mind that he would like to do, such as spending more time with his wife and seeing areas of the world football management has prevented him from doing.

But, despite confirmed news that McCoist would take over from Smith when he retired, it apprears that the Rangers board have taken a u-turn on this. Ally McCoist saidhe was happy with the appointment and will gracefully stay on as his number 2, but you can't help but feel sorry for another Rangers legend.

Who is the new manager? Steve Clarke, former Newcastle, Chelsea, West ham and Liverpool coach.

Clarke, 46, was said to be desperate to move into football management following spells under Mourinho, Zola and Dalgleish. He said that he applied for the Rangers job just to see if anything would come up and said he was pleasently surprised when it did.

When asked what he thought of the current squad, he replied;

'I feel changes need to be made. Usually I wouldn't be this open, but I know who needs to be sold and I wish to share this with our supporters. Kenny Miller, Kyle Lafferty and Sasa Papac have all been informed that they should look for a new club. I have also held talks with Alastair (Johnston) and we have agreed to terminate the last year of David's (Weir) contract. We feel at his current age and wage, he isn't suffcient enough for Rangers Football Club.'

Clarke was then prompted on new signings, on which he replied to that;

'We're looking at a number of players. That's all I have to say.'

Before Clarke joined though Rangers had been heavily linked to Garry O'Connor, former Hibs striker. The Scottish forward has been struggling for fitness and form down south with Alex McLeish's Birmingham side and is looking to prove himself to potential buyers with his contract running out in December 2010. A loan siwtch looks very much on the cards. Although, some are saying O'connor may involved in a cash + player swap for Miller.

Could O'Connor be returning to Scotland?

If your a Rangers fan, why don't you get in touch and let us know what you think.
Your title is misleading, the water in Glasgow is anything but blue.

More brown.
Very intresting start and good choice of character to use - realistic :)

Will be following mate.
Why are you selling Miller? He scores 20-30 league goals a season. Or are you just being realistic?
Really nice opening post, Looks very professional. Always wanted to do a Rangers game but never got round to it.

Could you pm me with instructions how to get pictures on cause i only know the attachment way. Thanks buddy and Good Luck.
Looks good, and since your a Jambo... I will follow haha

Selling Miller though? not sure about that...
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I was greeted by a fellow Scotsman, Jim Whyte. A Rangers man himself, I loved to hear his views. But like any viewer this day, I was shocked as I looked at the yellow breaking news bar floating carelessly along the bottom of the screen.

'Rangers football club have El Hadji Diouf attending a medical.'

I was in a state of shock. Surely as the manager I should have been consulted about this?! I searched around for my phone but it was to no avail. I picked up the room's telephone and dialed my number.

*Beep, Beep, Beep*

I followed the sound and rejected the call. To my further surprise, I gathered I had eleven missed calls from Ally, and 3 from Mr.Johnstone.

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I left the room and the hotel a disgraced man. I headed now to Ibrox.
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