Switching from semi-pro to professional questions (FM22)


Aug 14, 2023
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I’m doing a one club save with my local team, Blyth Spartans. I’m currently 1st in the Vanarama National, so it looks like (fingers crossed I’m not jinxing it) I might get promoted this season.

The board refuses to go professional, probably due to the fact this is only my second season and we don’t have much cash in the bank (our financial status is listed as ‘Okay’).So, obviously all of my players are on part time contracts.

So, my first question is, if we get promoted to League Two, surely the board have to turn the club professional?

Secondly, do all the player contracts automatically get rolled over to full time or am I in a position where I have to renegotiate every player’s contract https://vlc.onl/ ?

Since we are not rich, have a low reputation and currently no obvious saleable assets, I assume we’ll probably start haemorrhaging money as well!
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In my experience, the board comes to you with the offer to change to professional.

You'll have to keep winning and secure that promotion!