Switching laptops during a network game


Jul 22, 2018
So this might be a silly question, but thought I'd ask anyway as I'm not too sure.

Basically, I'm about to host a network game with a few friends on my current laptop.

However, in about a week I'll be getting a new laptop and will hope to continue the network game as the same manager of the same team on my new laptop, from where I left off. Will this be possible?

I know how easy this is to do with an offline career game - simply copy over the game file from wherever it's saved and add it to the folder on the new laptop.

Is it the same concept with network games where there are over 3 people in the active game? I don't know if the team I select is restricted to my IP address.

Any help is welcome, thanks!
May 15, 2016
Save the game file to Cloud then when you get your new laptop and install the game you can start from where you left off .
Another option is to copy the save files to a memory stick , either will do fine