Dec 12, 2010
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I am playing with Betis Sevilla and I managed to get a few good players like Verratti, Kadlec and Lucas. So now I try to find a good tactic for my team. I want a tactic with which I will not only get promoted, but with which I also can manage the first league.

Here is my momentaneous tactic:

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I hope you can give me a few recommendations for my tactic or if you have had a good tactic with your betis team could you please share it with me

Make the tactic work for your players your wingers for example are currently "accomplished" put them into their "natural" position then change the settings for the individual player. Do It for your best players then when you sign someone new just change your tactic to fit round them - If they are one of your best players - This is what I always do as I don't tend to download tactics :)

A tactic is for a team
Not a team for a tactic
Looks good for Liga Adelante, but once you hit La Liga I think your midfield will be bossed around. Verratti won't help enough in defense
Hi friend, I also chose Real Betis to bring her back to the Top. In the first year finished second, 1 point away of the Championship (91 to 92). In the second year I finished 5th in the Primera Division, 1 point away of Champions League. Also I lost 0-0 and 1-0 from Atl Madrid in Semi-Final of the Cup. Apart for my lack of luck, the run was OK I think :). So, I have to propose you: First of all try to sign Kyrgiakos for DC, he is an international Greek player, very good the first two years even for Prim.Div. Cheap and easy to come, he scores in every corner! Matoukou is a good choise also and for sure Mateo Musacchio. Also try to pick Silva from Velez he is ST, speaks spanish and suits to Betis. Vettatti is good, just to have in your rotation, nothing more than that. After the first season pick Patrick Viera (he is coming with 52,000$ only) and named him Captain.

Regarding the Tactics, I used one system that I dont like in Second Division but it was excellent. 4-1-2-1-2. Emana should be 10. The one stricker trequartista or deep lying and Silva (or other high-finishing strick - I also picked lukaku) should be Poacher. Good choise for Gk is Lux. Good talent for Betis is Livaja or Luvaja (free agent). Also try to sign Galvan for talent. Sell the ******* Salva Sevilla... he sucks and he can give you some money. (up to 2,5m$). If you need any further advise tell me.
I played Betis some months ago. Used 4-2-3-1 deep with Salva Sevilla as a false 10 and Ruben Castro as a poacher and it worked great. However you can play Ruben Castro as a false 9(see Amateur Tactician's Chalkboard and the link to mvp93's guide). Momo was Winger AML support, Emana - Winger AMR support(retrained him to that position since his attributes were better for a winger rather for MC/AMC). Also played controlled posession football - high creativity allowed, short passing, zonal marking, medium or slightly slower temp, medium or slightly narrower pitch, drill crossing etc. Won the Spanish Second Division and the Spanish Cup in the first season(yeah, almost got a heart attack at the quarter and semfinals with results like 4-1 away win at Sevilla then 1-3 home loss, I could say it was very lucky to win it, but also the boys were playing sick). Your current 4-2-4 wiill be torn apart in Premier Division(and maybe even in the current Second Division) since none of Verratti and Salva Sevilla are good at defending - you don't have a destroyer, a ball winner in the squad. How do you expect to deal with the creative monster AMCs who are present in every Spanish side?
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