Dec 12, 2010
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I want to start a new save with Shanghai Shenhua and I want to know if someone has ever played with them. Could he give me some ideas which tactic to use?

i cant tell the difference beetween those asian players names
that's also one of my problems, but I want to try with a chinese clubs. I know that someone who haven't ever had some experience with chinese clubs or asian football won't probably be able to help me. I just ask if someone already tried the chinese league
Once tried the Indian league and there were so many restrictions, but it is a bit fun to play with, not as good as playing in Europe.
yes max of 3 foreign players, but 4 when there is also an asian player.
Yes, but I think my opponents won't be that strong. My two biggest rivals will be Beijing Guoan and Shandong Luneng.
your best best is being very attacking, summat like 4-3-3 would be normal i think,

how about being a japanease team? :p
I don't have the japanese league. I tried to download it but it didn't work. I think this would be a little bit easier