Tactic for the worst team there is


Jun 19, 2010
So, basically, after doing some resarch, I found out there is no best or worst team. There are just teams that focus on a style of play. Best teams are those that play to their strengths, and cover their weaknesses.

So, my effort is basically a very simple one. I assumed I am in the worst of leagues in the world, with media prediction to get relegated.

First change: Highly structured fluidity. This basically means I expect my players to do just the basics. Defenders defend, midfielders support, strikers attack.

Second change: I changed formation to asymmetric one. This is because I didn't want unnecessary gaps between our lines.

Third change: I changed mentality to defend. I guess everyone will attack me since I am so weak, so basically I want to defend myself, but not just defend, or I would have picked contain, I also want to win if possible.

Fourth change: I have picked 6 Team Instructions, all of which are used in case you are bad at something. Work ball into box is used if I am bad at shooting, whipped crossess if we are getting dominated in the air, play narrower if my flanks are weak, stick to position if we aren't capable of roaming, lower tempo if we aren't fit, and more disciplined if we don't have anyone creative.

I haven't picked anything that would mean a certain style or play to a specific strength. Shorter passing for example would require creativity, direct would require good passing, more closing down would require players good at it, standing off would require good marking. If I'm not going to close down more nor less, there is no need to touch the defensive line.

And I have picked just the reqular roles. Nothing fancy or suitable to a specific style.

So this should basically fit just about everyone. If you are the worst team, you should be able to win by a small margin, and if you are a great team, you should be able to win by a big margin.

Have fun!

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