Nov 6, 2011
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Hi all

Thinking of starting a new save with a low league team (im considering going for English hero) and am wandering is there a particular style of football that works well in lower league football.

I know its a bit vague but i was thinking maybe starting with weston or worcester.
The best approach is the one that let's you play to your strengths as well as covering up for your weaknesses. It's the tactic that let's you exploit the opponents weaknesses etc.

Now, if looking at the lower leagues, this basiclly means that its the approach the kind o players your are able to get. Here, its all about getting teamplayers with great physic as this is where you can really get an advantage over your opponent. Tactics using quick wingers(Aml) and hardworking DMC/MCs usually gets you to the CCC or even the prem.