Sep 30, 2009
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hi guys, im a man city fan so natually i play with city in game. i have been playing since fm07 and always managed to sort out my own tactics, not brilliant but they worked for me. however i am really stuggleing to find a good tactic that works in fm11. i have tinkered around my self and have also downloaded some but all to no real benifit. i know you shouldn't swap and change tactics much in season, you have to give players time to adopt the tactic involved so i have given each tactic i have used at least half season each and sometimes adopting a different tactic when playing in europe. please please can some give me some help. i have not asked for much help in this game before but this one has got me beat. my team is the squad which you start with, with the additions of dzeko for attack and miranda and juan to bolster the defence, mirand doesn't look to impresive but he has been my best defender and juan is used as rotation, mainly used in european games, he old but he's good.
i like to use both dzeko and tevez up front, but any tactic wood help.