Tactic Tester/Helps/Suggestions for Passing Possesion Tactic


Aug 2, 2012
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Possession & High Passing Tactic

This is the purpose of my tactic but I am struggling to create as many Clear Cut Chances, to get enough shots, and also I am slightly struggling against bigger teams. I have played a few games with it but like I said I am struggling in a few aspects. So if people are willing to out as it has lots of promise here are some stats from a game against Gladbach, I am Leverskuen. Also it is the second season so the players have not changed that much.

Anyway here are some Screenshots:
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This is obviously one aspect that needs to be worked on
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Needs work but not as much as in creating chances
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Kept a high defensive line and kept the opposition deep within their own half
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Passing one thing that doesn't seem to need work but if improved great
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Shots I feel that we need to get more shots and minimize the opponent's shots

So if anyone feel that they can help improve on the tactic while keeping the amount of passes high, around what is in the SS, and create more CCCs.
Thanks in advance, sorry for the bad english.

Here is the Link for the tactic: http://www.mediafire.com/?bphz4f6hc0bmc52

Sorry if I put this in the wrong place.

Also sorry if you have to click to view the photos

They are working fine for me but I do have a Mac will look into. Sorry hope I can fix it